How We Can Assist with Your Research and Clinical Trials

With more than 25 years of patient engagement, we offer you the largest U.S. database of celiac disease patients who are highly motivated to participate in your studies. Through our website at—with annual traffic of more than 6.5 million unique users—and our focused patient registry, iCureCeliac®, we target patient candidates to speed enrollment. Our cost-effective, efficient, and proven methods are what sets us apart, and can make your next clinical trial a success.

Digital Patient Recruitment

Utilizing our robust website reach, email lists, social media channels, iPhone and Android Eat! Gluten-Free app, community influencers and partner organizations, we are able to quickly and effectively broadcast your study opportunity to those who care about it most. Targeted recruitment to iCureCeliac® patient registry members who meet your subject profile further reduces your cost by identifying the right patients, accelerating enrollment, and improving trial retention and satisfaction.

Qualified Lead Screening

Through our iCureCeliac® platform, we screen all interested patients based upon your study conditions, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and travel time to study site locations. This, combined with our in-house call center of trained patient services representatives, produces the highest quality referrals in days—not months.

Study Site Relations

We work in tandem with your study coordinators to ensure a seamless enrollment process. Communication tailored to each site, assistance in reaching out to referred patients and those in the site’s database, and conducting effective outreach on behalf of every site guarantees a successful study launch.

Additional Services

Study Design Consultation

Successful study enrollment requires a thorough understanding of the patient perspective. We draw upon our recruitment experience and the data collected from our iCureCeliac® participants to provide you with the insights you need to fill your trials.

Focus Group Recruitment, Survey Design, and Data Collection

In addition to patient recruitment for your trials, we can conduct focus group recruitment or add additional surveys to the iCureCeliac® platform to quickly provide you with the patient feedback you need.

Branding and Ad Creation

The right messaging is key to a successful patient recruitment campaign. We provide proven strategies and designs that resonate with the celiac disease community.

Website Development

Hosting the world’s most trafficked website for celiac disease, we deeply understand website development. Working with our IT and design partners, we deliver a branded, exceptional user experience with a simple back-end for you to manage.

Site Recruitment

Leverage our online Healthcare Practitioner Directory of more than 1,200 celiac disease practitioners to create your research network and accelerate your drug development.

iCureCeliac® Patient Registry Data

Anonymized data collected from iCureCeliac® participants under informed consent are available to researchers investigating topics important to people with celiac disease. Survey questions span topics including treatments and outcomes, quality of life, biomarkers of celiac disease, and many others. Validated instruments include the Celiac Symptoms Index (CSI), Celiac Dietary Adherence Test (CDAT), Celiac Disease Quality of Life Measure (CD-QOL), SF-36, PROMIS Gastrointestinal, PROMIS 29 Profile, and PROMIS Pediatric 25 Profile.

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