Submit a Research Proposal

We welcome researchers in the US and worldwide to learn more about conducting research, clinical trials and other collaborations with iCureCeliac®.

CDF works closely with investigators and the iCureCeliac participant community to assure that approved studies will benefit people with celiac disease and non-celiac wheat sensitivity. To submit a research proposal for consideration:

  1. Review the iCureCeliac® Data Access Data Access Guidelines and Data Access Agreement.
  2. Contact CDF at or Julia McBeth at 818.716.1513, x101 to set up a call to discuss your research concept.
  3. Submit your proposal using theiCureCeliac® Research Proposal Form to
  4. The CDF Research Committee will review your proposal and provide feedback to you.
  5. Submit your final proposal, incorporating any feedback.
  6. CDF provides you with a data set, or direct access to the anonymized data as determined by the CDF Research Committee.

iCureCeliac® Research Study Review Criteria

The CDF Research Committee using the following criteria in approving research proposals:

  1. Research focuses on issues and concerns that are known or believed to be considered important by people with celiac disease or non-celiac wheat sensitivity.
  2. Research has been developed with input from people with celiac disease or non-celiac wheat sensitivity.
  3. Research is scientifically rigorous.
  4. New data is feasible to collect where not already in iCureCeliac®.
  5. Research has the potential to definitively answer an important question.

Open Access and Data-Sharing

CDF has a policy of providing its research resources on an open-access basis, meaning that we will work with any investigator, at any institution, anywhere in the world who is conducting valid research that is in alignment with our mission and policies.

We also have a policy supporting data sharing among investigators. Researchers who use iCureCeliac® resources in their studies are obligated to share the data and/or findings generated using these resources with CDF for further use, including sharing with the broader scientific community.


Pricing for studies using iCureCeliac® data, samples, and other CDF resources is determined by the CDF Research Committee. Please contact for more information, including estimates.