FAQs About Your Involvement

1. Can my relatives with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity add their data to iCureCeliac®?

Absolutely! If you have a child or relative under the age of 18, we ask that you complete iCureCeliac® on their behalf.

2. What am I committing to by joining iCureCeliac®?

Upon joining iCureCeliac®, we ask that you share accurate and honest health information to the best of your knowledge, and that you continue to share your information as new surveys are added. You are able to withdraw your participation at any time.

3. How can I suggest improvements to or offer feedback on iCureCeliac®?

Please feel free to send your comments to iCureCeliac@celiac.org.

4. How can my healthcare provider participate in iCureCeliac®?

Your provider can order iCureCeliac® postcards through the Celiac Disease Foundation Waiting Room Program to display in his/her office that educate patients about iCureCeliac®.

Access the Waiting Room Program here